Who we are

60 years of experience, manual skills and technical wisdom handed down from generation to generation

  • Giuseppe Melesi

    Giuseppe Melesi


  • Meria Teresa Donati

    Meria Teresa Donati

    Administrative Manager

  • Domenico Melesi

    Domenico Melesi

    Project manager

  • Caterina Sech

    Caterina Sech

    Export sales manager

  • Thomas Melesi

    Thomas Melesi

    Production Manager

Our History

Since 1962 we have experienced a natural evolution from subcontractors to become a point of reference in the production of finished products from tape and wire.

The years go by and we never stop learning, innovating and, above all, accepting the new challenges of the market.

The know-how gained in the field of cold sheet blanking and wire bending has allowed us to make a qualitative leap and specialize in the design and manufacture of molds and finished parts, with increasingly high levels of complexity and efficiency.

State-of-the-art machinery, agile organization and, from 2020, also a new headquarter that combines production, technical offices and administration, to give continuity to daily operational activities.

Our standards are guaranteed by compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification.

Do you have a project to realize?

  • 1962


    Foundation of the company

    It is the year of the foundation of the company

  • 1967


    First order with US customer “Globmaster”

    We cross the national borders with the first order in the United States for Globemaster

  • 1988


    Using early versions of AutoCAD in the design phase (AutoCAD 2.0)

    AutoCAD 2.0: we begin to specialize in the design phase of the technical drawing using the first versions of AutoCAD

  • 1996


    Construction of a new production site in Primaluna (Lecco – Italy)

    We inaugurate a new production site in Primaluna (Lecco, Italy), in the heart of the Lecco district dedicated to the miniature sector

  • 1999


    Entry into the German market in the automotive (original equipment) and medical sectors

    The doors of the German market open for the Automotive and Medical sectors

  • 2003


    Creation of quality control office

    Our first office totally dedicated to quality control is born, which allows us to obtain the ISO 9001 certification

  • 2008


    Use of 3D modelers for mold and equipment design

    Production is enriched thanks to the use of 3D modelers for the design of molds and equipment

  • 2012


    Use of QR codes for internal use

    We introduce a QR code system for internal use to make warehouse operations more efficient

  • 2013


    1st expansion of the production site in Primaluna (Lecco – Italy)

    We complete the first expansion plan of the Primaluna production site

  • 2020


    2nd  expansion of the production site and construction of a new office building in Primaluna (Lecco – Italy)

    The Primaluna production site is undergoing a second expansion to which is added a new office building

  • 2021


    Introduction of MES system to support production and logistics

    The company confirms its investments in digitalization with the introduction of a MES system, to support production and logistics

  • 2022


    60th Anniversary

    We blow out 60 candles from the foundation looking with confidence to an incessant growth path